How do girls want guys to talk to them?

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Girls opinionGirls want guys to talk to them nicely! Give girls compliments and stuff like that! Girls always want a guy to be polite and sweet to them! ButIf its a girl who likes bad boys IDK what to tell you!

I always want a guy to me a gentleman like funny sweet guinuine u know normal

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2011-03-07 01:23:25
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Q: How do girls want guys to talk to them?
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Why do girls always want guys to go talk to them and they dont go walk up and talk to guys?

Most girls are to shy they don't want to talk to a guy and him be dating and make a fool of themselves.

Why do guys talk loud around girls?

The want to put their dominance on display. They want all of the girls' attention.

Why do guys hate when girls ask questions?

Guys don't like girls to talk a lot and ask many "Qustions" , Because they like you to do what they want to do not what you want to do .

Why do guys obsess over girls they like?

ITs a fact that guys talk more about girls than girls do about guys because girls tend to talk a lot about social issues where as guys would talk about girls in that time.

Do guys in middle school talk about girls a lot?

ofcourse....... they are guys, they talk about their crush alot and its natural. Girls talk about guys alot!!

What can guys do to girls?

Talk to them

Why girls don't talk to boys that try to talk to them?

They think guys only want the one thing right?

What does girls like to talk about with guys?

Girls talk about EVERYTHING relating to guys. They talk about their sex life with their bf. They talk about who they like, what they want to do, etc. Girls are totally open with their friends about guys. They will also say how good they are or not, lol. So if you are meeting your gfs best friend, i hope you realise she will already know EVERYTHING. ;]

What do guys like girls to talk about?

You probably shouldn't try so hard to please a guy. Talk about whatever you want.

What can guys all do to girls?

Talk to them

Why do girls talk about guys?


Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

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