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Well i think a guy likes me because he always stares at me during class and when i look at him he will try to turn away or he willl ask me for a pencil when he already has ones.. also the guy will blush when he talks to you...

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They usually act shy.

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Q: How do girls act when they like a guy?
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Do guys like girls who act like a guy?

Every guy is different. But most guys i know don't like girls who act like guys. Only some people do: but they usually like girls who act like themselves.

Do guys like girls that act dumb?

it all depends on the guy. I don't like girls like that but most guys that act dumb like girls that act dumb

Do teenage guys like shy girls or girls that are more loud and act dumb?

It really really depends on the type of guy.

How do you get a guy that likes sporty girls to like you when you are not good at sport?

u can act like u like sports too and can also act like ur good at it.<good luck>

Why do girls feel the need to act like a slut to impress guys?

It is not accurate or fair to assume that all girls feel the need to act a certain way to impress others. Each individual is unique and may act in different ways for various reasons that are personal to them. It is important to challenge stereotypes and judgments about others' behaviors.

When a guy like you he will act like what?

Well if a guy likes you then he will probably act kinda of differently at first. In the begging he will act like the guy YOU want. Once you finally open him up he will act like himself.

Do guys like mean girls or the nice girls?

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

Why do girls act like they are interested in a guy and ask for a guy's phone number but then never call?

They want the guy to know that they are interested, but they want the guy to make the first move. They also might be playing hard to get.

Boys do you like girls who act rough try to play tough sports ect or do you like the girls who act like girls?

A very commonly asked question. It all depends on the guy. I personally like a girl that is a little of both. One that likes sports but at the same time acts like a girl. One thing that guys really dislike, are the girls that pretend to be into sports. Guys like girls to be honest, just as much as girls like guys to be honest. Just be yourself and then you can take time to focus and improve the relationship, instead of worrying about how to act. .

What do guys act like if they like you?

They usuallytalk to youJoke with you,make fun of you^^^ that's bs ^^^Watch how they act around there friends and other girls then watch how he acts around you. That is a really big tool that most girls don't understand for telling if a guy likes you

Will the guy you like think that you don't like him at all when your friend tells him that you like him but you don't act like you do?

no boys never believe girls especially with dating problems and or secrets

Why do girls hate to ask a guy out?

They don't want to act slutty