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Just touch her at first. Her arms, up and down them. Her face. Hold the back of her head gently. Then, if she's comfortable with that, you can put your hands on her waist. then under the hem of her shirt. You can start moving up, again if she seems comfortable. don't make her do anything she doesn't want and if she says stop, you should STOP. Then as you get up to her bra put your arms around her under her shirt and rest your hands on her back around her bra strap. you can keep one hand back there and move the other one to her side then to the front of her body by her breast very gently. don't be too rough. Make sure she is still comfortable with this though. You can cup her breasts and maybe run a finger under the top of her bra, touching her nipple if you and her are willing to go that far. && once you get to this point, chances are, instincts are going to take over and you won't need anymore help. ;)

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Q: How do feel up your girlfriend when making out?
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How do you feel up your girlfriend when making out?

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Wtf why wuld u ask this........grose.. Figure it out .......... And dont ask online seoruisly theres like 10 year olds prolly heere

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