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Count how many isolate you have(1.e 114) and multiply that number by 0.9 for MIC90 or 0.5 for MIC50. So to find out the MIC90 of 114 isolate, you would multiply 114x0.9=10.26..rounded is 103. That mean when you sort all 114 MICs from smallest to largest, the 103 isolate is your MIC90.

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Q: How do calculate MIC50 and MIC 90?
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What is MIC90 and MIC50?

The MIC50 and MIC90 is a way of recording antibiotic sensitivities more conviniently, especially if your trying to report MICs of a large group or organisms. The MIC 50 would show that 50% of the organisms lie below this MIC, e.g an MIC50 of 32 shows that 50% of your organisms have an MIC of 32 less and the same principal for the MIC90. This just shows that 90% of your organisms lie below that MIC eg. MIC 90 of 128 means 90% of your organisms are at 128 or below so this represents the majority or average.

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