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Cut the drama crap and be yourself. You don't go around messing with other people trying to sleaze your way into looking 'attractive'. THAT, my friend, is NOT attractive. Try not to be a dick and some girl somewhere will probably like you.

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That entirely depends on the person you want jealous.

I belive jealous persons are are not self confidentand have a poor vision of themselves so they need the consideration of someone else to confirm themselves they are valuable.

People (male or female) get jealous because they are afraid they are going to loose something they already have or are not going to get something they want but do not have. This triggers fear in their hearts that they are not going to be OK and so they go into the fight or flight mode trying to defend their personal desires. Jealousy has nothing to do with anyone or anything other than the actual person who is jealous. Jealousy is a result of fear driven by selfishness and self-centeredness as well as not trusting that God is taking care of their needs for them.</<P> If the jealous person establishes their self-worth internally through a strong relationship with God (which is the only way to do it) they will no longer feel fear over getting or not getting anything and they will overcome jealousy

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flirting with other girls

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Q: How do boys try to make girls jealous?
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Why make a man jealous?

Most girls do it so it will make the guy want you more and try harder for you.

How will you make girls fall for you?

act funny but a bit dopey at the same time and make them laugh try not to flirt with other girls because girls can get pretty jealous

How do you know a boys jealous?

when there jelous they try to be like you

Signs of a boy liking you?

-he will look at you a lot.-he might get jealous when you talk\flirt to other boys.-he will try to be very nice to you, maybe a little bit more than he is to other girls.-he might try to flirt with other girls to make you jealous-he will act very shy or the oposite when you are around.-when you catch him looking at you either he will turn away and pretend like he wasn't looking or will look at you more.-he will try to talk to you a lot.-he will laugh at all of your jokes, and he will try to make you laugh.hope this helps.

Why do your friends purposly try to exclude you and always try to be better than you?

your friends may try to exclude you and specially when they are talking to boys/girls because they may be jealous and they know that you can impress people better than they can

How do you boys look at girls they look?

I dont know we look at girls we like and try to make them like us

How do you know when your ex-boyfriend likes you?

he will try and flirt with you and might also make you jealous by flirting with other girls when your around.

Why do boys make eye contact with girls they like?

Puberty and hormones tend to make boys fall in love. They try (and sometimes fail!) to make eye contact with girls they crush on because 'they look hot' and they think looking girls in the eye may attract attention.

What kind of boy girls looking for?

some girls like funny boys try to make her laugh some girls like smart boys try to get good grades some girls like shy boys but most like them funny smart

Why does the girl you like try to make you so jealous?

all girls are like that, they get jealous because they really like you and they want to be with you and they dont want u to be around other girls because they will think that they wont have a chance or that you dont like them..its very complicated but if u like her then ask her out dont tell her u like her and then go flirt with other girls and hang with other girls

How do you make sure this girl likes you?

Just ask her if she likes you, but if you are to shy then try try to make her jealous if she gets jealous she's all yours.

Why do girls change around other girls with 2 boys around?

Many girls feel self conscious around boys and try to impress them. others try to be as discreet as possible around boys. Trust me I was like that once.