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Like a queen

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Q: How do algerian men treat there women?
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When was Algerian Women's Championship created?

Algerian Women's Championship was created in 1998.

When was Algerian Women's Cup created?

Algerian Women's Cup was created in 1998.

How do Romanian men treat women?

they treat women like QUIENS

How Mexican men treat black women?

How Mexican men treat women, black or otherwise is solely dependent on the individual.

How do men from Turkey treat women?

most Turkish men are very poloite to women

How do polish men treat their women?

Any answer would be a generalization. You may want to reword your question.

What did shaker communities believe about men and women?

The women can do works that men can do. And the men can do works that women can do. That means that the men and women are need to treat the same, because they are equal.

How do jamaican men treat their women?


How do filipino men treat women?

Very Bad

Hispanic men treat women badly?

No they dont

Are Algerian women allowed to vote?


How do you make women fall in love with you?

You want to be nice and most importantly BE YOU. Women are just like men in the way that they will treat you how you treat them.