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as a final result

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Q: How do I say I have been thinking about what you said?
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How do you say i have been thinking of you in Urdu translated in English writing?

i have been thinking of you

You have been thinking so much if ill be getting a new hairstyle is a correct grammar?

It is better said as: I've been thinking of getting a new hairstyle.

How do you get a girl who said she would consider going out with you?

go up to her and say i was thinking about how you said you would consider going out with me ......... so will you

What does it mean when a man say just because I do not call it do not mean that I am not thinking about you?

because fed said so

Who sing my momma said please don't lose you?

Are you thinking Michael Franti and Spearhead's Say Hey?

If you like a boy and you told him you do and then he asked you out and you said no what would he be thinking?

You can't really say what another person is thinking, but unless you had other plans or another reason that would explain why you said no, it is likely that he is confused and he might not ask you out again.

What is itachi thinking of?

Needless to say, Itachi's dead. But in his past he could've been thinking of Sasuke. Brothers together are so cute

Why do people say uh or um?

When someone uses 'uh' or 'um' it indicates that the said person is having difficulty in answering or explaining something. It might also mean that the said person has a speech impediment or a stuttering problem.

Why do you keep thinking of what you said?

You keep thinking about what you said because, maybe you shouldn't of said it e.t.c, and because you should not of said it your thinkin about it all day.

How do you say God blessed me or I have been blessed?

you just said it!

Has Vanessa Hudgens ever been engaged?

No But Zac Efron Is Thinking Of Doing It When There Much Older It Said It In A Paper

What is the inner sakura?

== == It's her inner thoughts or what she's really thinking, like she could say "I didn't say that!" but then inside of her she would be like "Yeah I totally said that!"