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someone may not forget a kiss, whereas if that same kiss was given to somebody else, it would most likely be forgotten.

There is no such thing as an unforgettable kiss... Well it would have nothing to do with the physical kiss anyway.

On second thoughts, if you want to give an unforgetable kiss, kiss the person, and before you finish, punch them.... They're sure to remember that lol

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Q: How do I give an unforgettable kiss?
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Can you give me a sentence with unforgettable in it?

We had an unforgettable night.

What is 'unforgettable kiss' when translated from English to Spanish?

Translation: beso inolvidable

Can you give me an interesting sentence with unforgettable in it?

If you tell me something i will not forget it because i am an unforgettable person.

How do you make your first date unforgettable?

Its very simple. Step. 1 Compliment your date on his/her appearance Step. 2 concentrate on romance (only talk about romance) Step. 3 Move closer to your date Step. 4 Your unforgettable first date will end with an unforgettable first kiss

How do you say 'give me a kiss' in Assamese?

suma ata diana

Do they kiss each other?

when your redy to kiss a guy/girl you give them a hug and then quickly give them a kiss

How do you say give me a kiss in polish?

To say "give me a kiss" in Polish, you would say "daj mi całusa."

If you give a girl a gift after you asked her out and said no?

Give her a kiss. an IRISH kiss

How do you say can i have a kiss?

You say it like this " I really like and I was just wondering could you give me one kiss."

What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss

How do you say to give kiss in tulu language?

itchy kinty cochy lele=kiss me

How do you translate unforgettable into latin?