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Gen. Larry Platt was an "American Idol" contestant who created the song "Pants on the Ground". He's not dead. That was an untrue rumor.

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Q: How did the pants on the ground guy die?
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Did the guy who sung pants on the ground die?

i think it was a rumor...

If the age limit for American Idol is 28 how did the pants on the ground guy get in?

He didn't get in and did not get to go to Hollywood for those auditions

What are the lyrics to the song Pants On The Ground by General Larry Platt?

'pants on the ground,pants on the ground.Lookin like a fool wit yo pants on the ground,wit yo head turned sideways.Pants,pants,pants,pants on the ground actually its pants on the ground lookin like a fool wit yo pants on the ground, gold in yo mouth hat turned sideways pants hit the ground call urself a coolcat walkin down town wit yo pants on da ground giddyup

When was Pants on the Ground created?

Pants on the Ground was created on 2010-02-04.

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How did Larry Platt die?

He performed "pants on the ground" on American Idol finally May . 26 . 2010 ! so he's alive .

How old is the author of pants on the ground?

he is about 63

Who wrote pants on the ground?

Billy Joel

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