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You need to be a bit more specific... This question doesn't make much sense. Are you looking for a specific case? I think we all know that tobacco contains nicotine, I haven't read any specific case where big tobacco lied about their products containing nicotine.

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Q: How did big tobacco companies get caught about lying about nicotine in its products?
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What is the penalty or charge if you get caught selling home medae cigarettes?

Not sure where you are, but I would hazard a guess:Tax evasionManufacturing tobacco products without a licenseSelling tobacco products without a retail tobacco license

What is the law regarding using or getting caught with tobacco?

in Ontario im pretty sure that you just cant sell tobacco products to minnors. you cant smoke indoors of public buildings or by the doors (you have to be a certain distance away),school property and such.

Is chewing tobacco legal for a minor?

Yes, it is illegal for persons under 18. The law states all persons buying tobacco products must show identification and age verification.

What were some Delaware's cash crops?

Tobacco, and corn, they also caught fish.

Can you ship tobacco from the US to Canada and not get caught?

"Getting caught" implies there is something wrong or illegal about it, which is not the case. You may be required to declare the tobacco, and could be subject to taxes depending on the amount however; talk to a customs and/or mail official.

Which companies have been convicted with child exploitation in the past?

In 2010 the tobacco company Phillip Morris admitted to using child exploitation in its labor jobs. Victoria's Secret was also caught exploiting children to pick cotton and other jobs. Hershey's has also been caught exploiting children who harvest their cocoa.

What was Delaware colony cash crop?

It was mainly tobacco. They also grew corn and caught fish.

What happens if you are caught underage with tobacco in France?

The police in France simply don't care... basically anyone can buy tobacco and the police will very rarely give a sh*t.

What companies have been caught using sweatshops?

lemitt too

How many companies have been caught doing child labor?

well 2 have been caught in Calfornia alone in just this week!

Who sells cigarettes and other things?

Because people still smoke and the U.S. and Canada are free countries (so we've been told.) Stores can't sell cigarettes to 18 years and under and if caught could be shut-down. The very governments in both countries loved the revenue tobacco sales brought in and were fully aware of the carcinogens the tobacco companies were putting into what was once pure tobacco and now the governments are taking the heat off themselves trying to blame the tobacco companies or putting the heat on smokers.

How old do you have to be in order to be able to smoke legally?

Florida statutes indicate that the age to purchase tobacco and tobacco related products is 18 years of age, to be proven upon purchase with a valid, state- or nation-issued identification card (drivers licenses suffice). HOWEVER - it is completely legal for said persons to use (smoke, chew, etc) tobacco and tobacco related products at 16 years. Please realize that it is not uncommon for law enforcement personnel to see it as just cause to pursue investigation on underage persons. Thus, I would not recommend doing it until you turn 18.