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Q: How could you modify a training activity for a person that has a vision impairment?
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How may a person with impairment alter accommodation to meet the person's special needs in a leased property?

As long as the requests are reasonable they must be fulfilled by the Landlord, or the landlord must allow the tenant to modify his dwelling for that purpose.

8 percent whole person impairment what does it mean?

what is whole person impairment rating and how does it relate to disability rating

What is the proper terminology when describing a person who is blind A person with a visual impairment OR a person with Low vision?

Visually impaired, visual impairment also works as stated.

Can squinting be classified as a visual impairment?

Squinting is not a visual impairment, a person usually squints to help overcome/hide a visual impairment. (Usually astigmatism)

Can you modify the DNA of a person?

No. That is not possible.

What does currently disabled mean?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a disabled individual is a person who: has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such impairment; and lastly, is regarded to have such impairment.

Why is the word blind politically incorrect?

The word "blind" is considered politically incorrect when used to describe a person with a visual impairment because it can be seen as defining the person solely by their disability. Instead, it is more appropriate to use person-first language, such as "person with a visual impairment," to emphasize the personhood of individuals.

Cognitive impairment can reduce the person ability to recognize and undstsnd the information they receive?

Yes, cognitive impairment can hinder a person's ability to accurately perceive, understand, and process information. This can impact their cognition, memory, attention, and decision-making skills, leading to difficulties in recognizing and comprehending incoming information. It is important to provide support and accommodations to help individuals with cognitive impairment navigate their environment effectively.

What happen if a persons sensory nerves are impaired?

This person's senses - sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, or spatial reasoning - is no longer functioning normally. This impairment can range from simply needing reading glasses to wearing a hearing aid to being completely deaf or blind. These senses are generally poorer than those of a nonimpaired person. The effects of this impairment vary from person to person.

How is the person affected by training?

A person is most often affected by training in that he or she will become more proficient at a job or skill. Training allows a person to gain skill and become an expert in a field.

What is it called when a person defecates on their sex partner?

This is a form of paraphilia (NOS) that is called coprophilia if it causes clinically significant distress or impairment for the person engaged in such activities.

Cognitive impairment can reduce the person's ability to have their body physically resond to the brain 's instruction how affected cogintive impairment?

This can happen due to physical or mental issues. For example, being in a car crash or suffering from Alzheimer's can cause these issues.