How could i order the medicine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what medicine

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Q: How could i order the medicine?
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What is the medicine ordered by a doctor?

Perscription is an order for a medicine.

Can a prisoner choose not to take his medicine even if the court order him to?

No, the prisoner will have to take the medicine if a court order is placed. He can hire a lawyer and fight the court order.

What is an automatic stop order for medicine?

Automatic stop orders are carried out when the medication prescribed is not necessary, typically for antibiotics. If there is an error made as well there could be an ASO

Can a prisoner choose not take his medicine?

A prisoner can choose to not take his medicine unless a court order is given.

What do you need to study medicine at university?

You could ask your teachers that did medicine in there past. thank you for reading.

What abilities and aptitudes should you have in order to be surgeon?


What is the definition of prescribes?

To order a medicine or other treatment.

Can dachshunds have kids medicine?

No, never give a dog human medicine as it could potentially kill it. There are chemicals in our medicine which are poisonous to other species.

What is the order of windclan medicine cats?

The order of WindClan medicine cats are Goosefeather, Barkface, Kestrelwing, and currently, Mothwing.

That auricle medicine could include the contents of Cecil textbook of medicine in future?

Yes, Xu chongmin auricle medicine will be included into the contents of Cecil textbook of medicine in near future.

What is meant by Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine is the type of medicine that is practiced by various shamans in India. It uses herbs and smoke in order to heal the body and purge it of diseases.

Drugs are used as medicine in order to?

Make a patient well.