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My opinion on this situation would be that, in the first place if he rejected you that obliviously means that he doesn't like you. I would advise asking if he still wanted to be friends and maybe he'll grow into liking you. Trust me at this age don't call it love, I'm guessing by the way you said he was a boy that you are still pretty young, so for now I would try to grow into liking him!! Also I would make sure that you are very fond of this person before you just decide that he's cute and go all for him. Give it time and get to know each other!!

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Well think off senses...? Look, taste, smell, touch, hear? Senses. Well a boy who has these senses obviously will be looking for a girl to match his ideal senses. Make yourself look nice, Taste nice (kissing or snogging-wise), Smell nice, Have a voice which makes him excited and doesn't go through him as if he wants you to shut up. You may think... "Hey? how do I do this!?", Well easy. You examine the girls he formally went out with or goes out with at the moment and if you see in him that he loved/loves her then take a leaf out of there book and use it to perfect yourself. Smell is easy? For starters I know myself boys can't resist a nice smelling girl and nice smelling hair! So me? I spray all my perfumes on? All of them together is sweet and pretty not too strong and not too foul smelling! Hear? A little hard but think about what you say before you say it, you will be surprised about what can happen? Taste? well bright white shiny teeth or he won't want to touch you? just be hygienic and make sure that everything is clean before a good snog!!! Touch? Easy and simple smooth skin? No spots well everything you can to make a good soft hot bod and a great complexion:). for easy ways to get rid of spots well to do this add a small little bit of toothpaste onto a spot before going to bed wake up? its reduced in size! wow or what? Also being a perfect size is good not thin and not fat just right?. And Look. Make your hair no dandruff? no grease? and face... no spotts? no lumps? Definitely nothing to gross people out....!!! for hair I massage shampoo into my hair and I have many different shampoos so I pile them all on and massage greatly so I have many on then rinse WELL so all of it comes out and no soapy spellys are left. then I use T-gel for dandruff & head and shoulders:) I don't have dandruff but it prevents it :D. then I massage them in you can do this either in between? or after you shampoo or condition:D. anyway then I get lots of conditioners and massage them in too:D:D:D. and rinse well. after this I use Sami fat hair (thickening potion for hair) && hair serum (any could do). and tada my hairs good and well:D:D. and for appearance hair isn't just the looks. you need the face. remember the tip about toothpaste right? :D that works a treat wash your face well and before makeup use moisturiser it works a treat. when u wash use face washes and never ever ever ever ever ever use soap to wash your face with it clogs up your pores and gives u spotts and if you use soap again to try rid of the spots you will get more spotts and you'll look like a game of dot to dot:( I wouldn't do that if I was you? blackhead strips and creams are good remember to wash your face with warm water (to open your pores) before putting anything on your face then once finished? Rinse with cold water (to close them) after all the cleaning therapy has washed anything unappealing out of your face.

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Q: How could I make a boy fall in love with me?
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How do you make ENGLISH boy to fall in love with you?

You do not and cannot 'make' anyone fall in love with you. Regardless of nationality.

What make a boy fall in love with a girl?

when a boy see what he like

How do you make a girl fall in love with me even if she is committed with another boy?

You don't and cannot 'make' someone fall in love.

How do you make a boy fall madly in love with you?

Just be yourself

Can having a baby make a boy fall in love with you?

To whom it may concern ; No, having a baby can not make a boy fall in love with you. Love should happen between the two people before a baby is even a thought.

How do you make a boy to fall in love with you again?

Show them some skin.

How do you make a boy to fall in love who doesn't likes girl?

You cannot force someone to love you.

What happens when a girl ditches a boy?

boy agremented that in future he could nvr fall in true love but after that he will again felt in true love

How can a boy fall in love fast?

A boy tends to fall in love quickly if he finds his love interest compatible with his personality and he is curious to find more about them.

How do you make a 12 years girl fall in love with boy in kerela?

You cannot make anyone fall in love. The best you can do is to be yourself and be a good friend to her, and hopefully she will fall in love eventually.

How do you make a boy fall in love with someone else?

introduce them...then let them take it away from there

How can you make a boy to fall in love with you?

Depends on the person you are chasing for. Do activities that attract the guy.