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they are not rare, but generally it is asian-asian

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Q: How common are white guy Asian girl couples?
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Would it be harder to get a girl if they were white and you are Asian?

No it won't who cares what country your from

Do Asian guys like white girls who are not blonde and not very slim?

i think -yes! I am Asian male and I like all white girl and I find very sexy as do all other Asian guys

Do white girls go for Asian guys?

i am a white girl and i am utterly and completely IN LOVE with an Asian guy. i think that asians are sexy, funny, and intelligent! so yeah! white girls go for Asian guys, of course i mean why not!? Sure they do! they won't care if you're Asian just as long as she knows you care.

Why do people always tell me that East Asian men do not have a chance to have a white girlfriend?

I'm a white girl and i would love an Asian lover i just did'NT think Asian guys would be attracted to me! My preference is white girls. It always was and will be although I've never dated one.

Why do Asian males only date Asian females?

This is not true for a lot of cases. I am an Asian myself dating a Mexican girl. Many Asian guys only date Asian females because they cannot get with American girls. Why would a hot white girl want to go out with an Asian when they have blonde good looking jocks around them? right? hope this helps

Is it possible for a Asian guu to fall in love with a white girl?

Any thing is possable in this world. Right now.

Can Asian guys have white girlfriends?

Answer #1: well it doesn't matter whether your Asian or not because if you like her and don't care about your race then it doesn't matter and same thing for the girl.

Do Asian guys like white girls?

Yes they do. Asian guys are like any other guys, some are assertive, some are shy, some are poor, some are educated, uneducated. Race will play a role, but there are other issues like perception, financial security, looks, dress, height. Trust me, there are plenty, but it's not about Asian guys particularly looking for white girls, ignoring others and forgetting about their life. ----- I'm an Asian guy and at I say that it depends on the person you are on the inside, not on the out. Who cares what race you are, just like the person that you like. By the way - I like a blonde girl. hey...well i think that white girls and Asian girls are about the depend on what type of girls the guys I don't think that it should yea... ok that's an easy one for me, i love white girls, maybe that's just because there are no pretty Asian girls in my eyes, oh idk, being azn growing up in a white community turned me white, but that wouldn't make sense cuz white guys like Asian girls, -sigh- this is getting kinda confusing.

Does white girls like Asian?

yes they do ima white girl and i think asiains are hot well not all of them obvisally but yes they do like asians xoxoxo

Who is that Asian girl in ludacris nasty girl video?

i need to know!

Why do Asian girls like white guys?

because they think we are sexy << not just because they think your sexy. they don't really have a reason to LIKE someone. Its just like an Asian girl liking an Asian guy, and a white girl liking a white guy. I believe anyone can like anyone and not have to look at their ethnicity to decide who they like. I'm asian and the only thing I look for in a guy is if they like me for who I am, and I don't need to change to impress him. I don't take into account if he is white, asian, etc. I would like a guy for who he is.

When did field mice come to the world?

in 1938 coz a black man brougnt a white girl and there was a Asian that brought a black male