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Organ and tissue transplants have become so common that it isn't thought of twice when one is needed. There are thousands that are done on a daily basis throughout the world.

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Q: How common are organ and tissue transplants throughout the world?
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Is the US is the only country in the world in which organ and tissue transplants are performed?

No, organ and tissue transplants are routine throughout the world. Indeed, the first heart transplant occurred in South Africa in 1967.

Successful Organ and tissue transplants since 1950?


Which organ transplants are most common?

kidney :) kidney :) kidney :) and the heart and lungs are quite common.

Which groups of people have concerns about organ transplants and why?

three common concerns of the general public regarding transplants three common concerns of the general public regarding transplants

What are the two most common organ transplants since 1950?

Liver and kidneys.

What is tissue typing transplants?

Tissue typing involves checking that the organ destined for transplant has the same tissue type as the patient that is due to receive the organ requires. Tissue typing is usually only done on kidney transplants - other organs only require matching bloodtype and size.

Are organ transplants always successful?

No. In spite of better tissue matching , more organ availabilty , and better surgical techniques and anti-rejection drugs, there are still failures.

Why has the development of ideas and techniques involving transplants since 1800 led to present successful transplants?

Transplants between 1800 and 1950 were not very successful, this is because there was not things like tissue typing and immunosuppressive drugs available, these are important because tissue typing test that the tissue is compatible with the body it will be transplanted to, and immunosuppressive drugs destroy the immune system so that the antiboddies wont destroy the new organ.

What do tissue and organ have in common?

they both have to do a specific job

Who does organ transplants?

erm the doctor

How might organs transplants which are meant to save a person life endanger the person?

An organ transplant can cause tissue rejection, where the patient's immune system tries to destroy the transplanted organ, because the foreign organ is mistaken for pathogens.

What is a tissue organ?

a tissue organ is an organ containing tissue