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Low self esteem.

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Q: How come guys who are not so good looking are more arrogant than good looking ones?
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Do country girls get better looking guys?

Good looking guys? Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Usually one looks best when well groomed. Often times the better looking guys are arrogant and not work a good country girl's time of day.

Are all the good-looking guys gay?

Not all gay guys are good-looking. Not all good-looking guys are gay. Sorry!

Which of these guys is more good looking?

Guys are good looking based on a variety of factors. They might be good looking because they have great facial features. A good body might make them good looking as well.

Do girls not like guys who aren't good looking?

Girls like both guys who are good looking and guys who are not good looking. It depends on the girl, and the guy, and both of their personalities. A girl who doesn't care about looks can like a guy who isn't good looking but has a great personality.

Why do good looking guys have to be cool?

They think everybody will like them if they will be cool and good looking!

Who do you call to come and get a vehicle that the repo guys are looking for in Minnesota?

Call the repo guys OR the lender.

Why do guys make fun of my legs and girls think i have good looking legs to be a guy?

If guys make fun of your good looking legs they are probably jealous that the girls like them.

Are there any good looking guys in Saskatchewan?

yes there are there are tons

Do looks really matter for guys?

Yes because good looking guys are just sweet and sensitive

Do guys get horny when looking at a girl's butt?

Only the good ones.

If a guy likes you then why does he want to be with another girl?

Because most guys aren't looking for love, they are just looking for a good time, but some guys aren't like that

Are there good looking Korean guys in Korea--Do they look like Taeyang-- Because there doesnt seem to be any in NYC?

most korean guys are good looking, but celebrities, like in any other countries, are (much) better looking than ordinary ppl. =)