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Q: How close was Celine to her grandmother to her mother to her sister?
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How close was Celine to her grandmother to her mother to her sisters?

Celine Dion was born into a very tight knit family. She was very close to her mother, grandmother, and sisters. When she was an infant her family formed a singing group that toured Canada together.

How close was celined to her grandmother?

Celine Dion was very close to her grandmother. In her biography, she mentions time spent with both of her grandmothers when Celine was a child.

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it depends how close the relationship is between the parents of the children and the grandmother but yes she can care for the children.

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yes he also lived with his brother sister aunt and grandmother.

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if they have: had breast or endometrial cancera close relative (mother, sister, grandmother) who died of breast cancer or have two relatives who developed breast cancer before age 40

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