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You both are a little young, but love is love. If you are out with her then just tell her how you feel about her. Tell her you love her. She is either not going to love you back and just want to be friends, or she will feel the same way. I don't want to offend you, but I feel as an adult, I have to tell you this: PLEASE wait to have a sexual relationship. Both of you could end up with an unwanted pregnancy. You may feel right now that it's just love and holding hands is enough for both of you right now (or the odd kiss) but kids today are maturing at a rapid rate and nature does take her course. It could sneak right up on you. If you fear this could happen, then go onto: Type in: information on sex education Be smart and learn all you can about sex. You'll save yourself a lot of pain in the long run. NEVER be afraid to have a chat with your mom and tell her how you feel about your girlfriend. Moms are there to help. Marcy

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Q: How can you tell your girlfriend how much you love her if you're 14 and she's 13?
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Shes my girlfriend. And I love her very very much! <3

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shes hot

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What you should do is put how you feel about her in it and how you love her so much and how shes special to you I'm sure if it's from you she'll love it :)

What does it mean if your girlfriend touches you?

It means that shes in love with you..... and that she wants you.

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She probably doesnt understand you trust me no matter how much you show a girl or guy that youre there life they might not see it that way There are alot of people who never will think there loved the way you love them.Either that or shes not feeling the relationship but doesnt want to keep it real with you wich isnt right

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is mygirlfriend stillinterested in me if she wants me to go and see her at her new flat for drinks and to talk about what went wrong with us .and shes telling me shes in love with her new girlfriend and that shes very happy with her but she still loves me and thinks of me now and again and she misses me ?

How do you know if your girlfreind is in love with you?

you know shes in love with you when everything that shes consistent with you and all that she ever talks to her friends about is you. you know shes in love with you when she tells you so. honestly u can't believe anybody when they say that but its your girlfriend you should trust and believe whatever she tells you know shes in love with you when she goes out of her way for you..and etc

What does it mean when your girlfriend tells you that she loves you but shes not in love with you?

A very nice way of saying you are not who she wants to be with.

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Why does your girlfriend only tell you she loves you when she is drunk?

Because she doesnt know what shes saying. She doesnt mean it.