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You just tell him you feel a bit neglected. You want him to at least show you that he cares for you like he says he does. If he says you're asking for too much or he argues about it with you, HE IS NOT WORTH IT! He's still immature and only thinking of himself. If you just want to stick around and "Wait" until he matures, you could be stuck for years and years with a sucky relationship with a boy who doesnt treat you the way you deserve. Trust me, I know from experience!

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Q: How can you tell your boyfriend that you want more from your relationship I feel that he puts me last a lot how do I tell him that this bothers me and ask for more?
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Will you last with your boyfriend?

I do not have a boyfriend !! I know the longest relationship I had was 7 years! He cheated on me :(

Can your relationship last if you are 39 and your boyfriend is 23?

yes they do ...some times.

Can a relationship last long if your boyfriend is younger than you for 20 years?

Any relationship can last if you make time for each other and you try to make it work.

How long will you and your boyfriend last for?

However long it takes for something to go wrong in the relationship?

My last relationship ended 4 years ago but i still have some feelings for my ex Should I break up with my current boyfriend if i feel im forcing myself to love him because he's a nice guy?

NO WAY if you broke up with him feel will power

I really like my ex boyfriend and we've been breaking up and getting back for the last 3 years should i tell him how i feel?

A good relationship has good communication skills so yes, you should tell him how you feel. If you are on and off with him then neither of you are addressing the problems in your relationship and you are going to have to discuss the fact you don't like living this way and it's either and on relationship and you work at it or kick him to the bricks.

Does it mean anything if you like someone but dreams of your old boyfriend?

It probably means that you are unconsciously troubled about your last relationship.

What do you do when your last relationship is coming in between your new relationship and your current boyfriend fights with you even if you bring up his name and Your last boyfriend keeps texing you?

Wow, You seem to have a big problem well my advice to you is cut off all communication with your Ex because it will ruin things in your existing relationship, Your boyfriend will be tense because he is probably scared you will leave him for your Ex and ofcourse talking about your Ex would make him upset that is your past and that is were it should be left.

Is it fine if other guys visits your girlfriend?

Its only fine if you feel that they pose no threat to your relationship. I was going out w/ my last boyfriend and i only hangout w/the guys even though I'm a girl. i dumped my last boyfriend because he would not let me hangout w/anyone but him. so let your girlfriends hang out w/other people or most likely you are going to get dumped.

What can a boyfriend take in a break up?

a boyfriend is entitled to anything that he has given you during the relationship, or anything of his that is in your possesion from the last time you were together, however if it was a serious relationship, chances are, he's not going to rob you of those items, thus robbing you of your memories together

What should you do if you have been with your boyfriend for a year but the last couple of months if feels like you have lost the spark and have nothing to talk about?

Depending on WHAT is causing the distance,your age and the nature of your relationship, you need to address it first with the boyfriend and then either need to split up or seek counseling. Relationships take work all the time. The best thing to do is talk to your boyfriend by telling him you feel the relationship is at a stand still and getting stale. See if he is as interested in improving it as much as you are. Go armed with suggestions of what you think can be doen. If he is not keen to the idea or open to suggestions maybe you need to rethink the relationship.

How long can a boyfriend last?

it depends on you and him it can work out when it happens its not that easy. it depends if the relationship works out but you will have fights and break up a couple of times.