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It depends on what you want to happen. If you want to be in a relationship with this guy then act on it, but if you don't, let him know it. Of course, you don't want to hurt his feelings or insult him so you would have to do it gentle. Let him know that you only have feelings for him as a friends and that you don't see it going any further. Also, make sure when you do this y'all are alone and not in front of anyone. Otherwise, he might get upset or very insecure.

If u like him you will acknowledge his presence. Maybe try to get to know him.

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the way he looks at your eyes, and the way he watches you when you sleep next to him

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Q: How can you tell when a man has feelings for you?
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How do you know when a man really has feelings for you?

It may not always be clear and easy to tell if a man has feelings for you. He may talk to you and tell you of his feelings or he may pretend he does not even like to be around you when in fact he is struggling with how to relate to you.

What does it mean when a man says Stay close to me?

Answer Maybe he wants you to keep the feelings you currently have for him and not stray from those feelings. If you care about this man you could tell him to stay close to you as well.

Should a single woman tell a married man about her feelings - just to get it off your chest?


What does it mean when a man tell a woman that he miss her so much?

It simply means that he misses you and still has feelings for you.

You like someone what you have to do?

Tell them that you have feelings for them or have a friend tell them u hav feelings for them

How do you tell a turtles feelings?

You can not tell a turtles feelings. They may be happy and you do not even know.

How can you tell your best friend that you like him or her by yourself?

tell him/her that you have some feelings for them and ask if they have those same feelings or not

How can you tell a boy you like he hurt your feelings?

You "like"--OK if you like it tell him your glad you'll be missing out DONT like --tell him your feelings !

How do you tell your guy friend that you do not have anymore romantic feelings for then who now has feelings for you without hurting his feelings?

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

I dated my ex for two months before she left for another man but I still like her. How can I get her back?

Talk to her about your feelings and hope she will tell you how she feels.

How would you deal with a man who has asked me out and i am not interested?

Be straight forward. Tell him your not interested in him. Or tell him that its not a good time right now. But you want to tell him the truth at the start instead of dragging along his feelings like a dog on a leash.

How do you know if a Taurus man still has feelings for you'?

Taurus man has no feelings they are big pretenders they only love themselves.