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Q: How can you tell that billy is compassionate kind and respectful?
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What kind of girls does Billy unger like?

I cant tell who or what kind of girl he likes

Ways to impress a guy?

Be respectful. Boys love to be respected and feel trusted. Just tell him that you trust him. Boys love that kind of stuff :)

How can you tell how he really feels about you?

You can tell by his behaviour. Is it respectful? Also, time tells a lot. And like it or not who or what you are in your heart will show.

Why is it good for a surgeon to be respectful?

well, tell me why it isn't good? Everybody needs to be respectful of each other despite differences. to earn respect you have to give respect.

Does billy tell the story of red fern grows?

Yes billy is the narrator

What to tell someone to prove that you love them?

Tell him to be honest, respectful, treat you as an equal, and be considerate of your feelings. That would be proof enough.

What disease does Billy tell Bella Jacob has to delay her seeing him?

billy tells Bella he has mono

Can Billy tell time without looking at it?


How can you tell if a parakeet is a boy or girl when they are young?

you can go to a vet but they will probably say they are to young to tell. you will have to wait until there cere matures to the respectful color

What will billy tell Jane in the spring finale?

This is just a guess but from the look on his face I think he is going to tell her that he loves her or something like that. As much as I love Jane and Nick together Billy and Jane would make such a cute couple (Jane is so much better for Billy than Lulu)

How do you tell if a boy loves you?

Is he respectful to you. Does he put action behind his words. Is he kind to you. Is he respectful of himself, and what he believes. Does he have integrity.... That's bs take it from a real man if hes always trying to find out something about u or always trying to be next to u coming up with any little thing to talk to u he likes u or if he talks to alot of other girls and agnore u hes just shy

What was the Number one single on September 30th 1983?

tell her about it-billy Joel