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By there social skills

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Q: How can you tell that a person has status?
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When should an hiv positive person share his or her status with friends and family?

Whenever the person is ready to tell people.

How can you tell that an egyptian status portrays a lesser person?

You can tell that an Egyptian statue portrays a lesser person because they were often made of less permanent materials.

What are some friendship status?

it's where you you tell a friend something nice or friendly on the web or you can tell it to them in person, but i would do it online.

How do you tell if someone is married in YoVille?

Click on the person, a context menu will appear then click on relationship status.

How can you tell if someone is an illegal?

If you are an employer and wish to employ the individual there is a nationwide service that you can refer to to determine the immigration status of the person.

to what extent is a person's status ascribed at birth?

An ascribed status is a social status that a person is given from birth or assumes later in life

Are there any good status?

Like statuses Like this status if your in love ♥ Like this status and I will tell you my first impression of you Like this status and I will tell you if I would date you Like this status if you think your popular Like this status and I will tell your ranking from 1 to 10 Like this status and I will tell you what actor or actress you look like Like this status and I will tell you what song fits your personality Like this status and I will tell you why you are my friend QUESTIONS How did you first meet me? Am I your bff? Do I annoy you? Would you date me? Would you ever go out with me? Would you ever marry a hobo? Are you in love? Do you think directors yell "CUT! CUT!" if they ever have a nightmare? Those are just some answers for you!

How does a person increase social status?

Social status is the position or rank of a person or group, within the society. One can earn their social status by their own achievements.

Which of these is used to describe a person's social status in a society in all circumstances?

status inconsistency

What is a good facebook status like this and ill?

like my status and ill tell you my favorite thing about you

How can I check the status of my medicare application ?

checking on the status of medicare application for Part B?

What is an example of master status?

a master status is the way others view you; or how you are known.An example is a person with a disability, their master status is the disability. Most people don't say, " that is a person with a disability", they usually say, "that is a disabled person".