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If the relationship is kept long distance for a long period of time.


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Q: How can you tell if your long distance boyfriend is having second thoughts about you?
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Is it normal to have second thoughts about your first boyfriend?


What does you have been having second thoughts mean?

It means when you have another point of view on a person, crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, decision, or a major purchase.

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What does it mean when your boyfriend asks you to move in but changes his mind and gives a bogus excuse?

He's probably trying to appear single...or he's having second thoughts or is scared.

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Your boyfriends having second thoughts how can you persuade him to stick to your relationship?

Reasure him that it will work out. Example: If you want children and he is having second thoughts to the point he wants to leave, reason with him, like no children after marriage

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What does it mean if he says he loves his kids and his wife is a good friend?

It means he thinks of his wife in not a loving way but a friend way. He might be having second thoughts of his marriage between his wife and him, or he might be cheating on his wife. Usually, he is having second thoughts of marrying his wife.

What to do when your boyfriend moved away and cant move back?

If you feel that has was the one for you and you truly love him, then try to keepmthe relationship going fir as long as possible and hopefully it will last. If you have second thoughts or just don't feel like he is Mr. Right, then break off the relationsjip and move on because you having second thoughts is you telling yourself that he isn't the one for you and there is no point on pursuing a pointless goal, right?

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