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* Likes to flirt with other women when you are at parties together and pays. more attention to them than he does to you. * Changes his hairstyle. * Buys new clothes that make him look younger. * May dye his hair if he has gray hair. * Doesn't have to work late and is constantly coming home late. * May smell of perfume. * May have makeup or lipstick on his clothing. * Is loud and obtrusive when out at a pub with mixed men/women and flirts with the women only and ignores the men. * Phone ringing and if you pick it up there is no one there. * Your husband keeps his cell close to him or locked. * He doesn't feel he owes you an explanation if he is late getting home. * Makes excuses for being away weekends. Things You Can Do To Find Out If He Is A Swinger: * Ask a trusted girlfriend to go with you and follow him on the nights he is out (this is how I caught my ex husband cheating.) * Hire a detective. If you have a good detective it should only take him one weekend or a full week at best to find out if your husband is doing things he shouldn't be doing. * Check his emails (also deleted emails) and check the websites he's been on. * If all else fails then communicate with him and look him straight in the eye and ask him if he's seeing other women. If he gets red in the face; paces; yells in denial; goes into another room to get away from you or slams out the door you can bet something is up. ------------------------------------- I thought swinger was someone/a couple who have other partners with the knowledge of their present partner and do things together. The above seems to be a definition of a cheating husband.

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Q: How can you tell if your husband could be a swinger?
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