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If he is being honest, nice and cares about you.

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Q: How can you tell if your boyfriend being loyal to you?
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What do you do when your boyfriend is being intemet with others?

slap him and get a new boyfriend... he obviously isn't loyal!

How to tell a boyfriend about being pregnant?

Just tell him

How do you tell your boyfriend is worried after being gone for two days?

I will tell him were the hell was he at

how do you make your boyfriend stop being jealous?

Its not really a question that can be answered for you. Your boyfriend must come to his own conclusion and realise that his jealousy is misplaced. Especially if you intend to remain loyal to him.

What do you do when your friend slash almost boyfriend is being an a hole?

Tell him he's being an a hole and that it's upsetting you and you have no room in your life for people that upset you, friend or boyfriend.

What do you do when you like your friends boyfriend and you think he likes you?

tell him to stop being a brat

How can you tell if your best friend is gay if he is from Costa Rica?

Your boyfriend being from Costa Rica has nothing to do with his sexuality so no, you cannot tell your boyfriend's sexuality from his place of origin. Sorry.

Why does she lead me on when she has a boyfriend?

She's not loyal or you're a booty call

Why do girls change whenever she have a boyfriend?

Because when a girl has a boyfriend , they are usually loyal to them and love them very much

How can you tell if your boyfriend is being protective?

He will act like your his and be all jelese when you hang out with guys

How do you ask if your boyfriend is being faithful?

You should never have to wonder if you're boyfriend is being faithful but when in doubt, always ask him directly. Tell him why you suspect that he is being unfaithful and then give him a chance to explain himself

What does a hairball feeling on the tongue mean?

Tell your boyfriend to shave!!! Tell your boyfriend to shave!!! Tell your boyfriend to shave!!!