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When they tickle ur buttox :) (that's just one way but omg my hand iz so tired so I won't type more)

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Q: How can you tell if someone remembers you?
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What does it mean when a guy is foretful but he remembers all of your conversations?

Maybe he loves you! and he remembers everything you tell him! always think positive!:)

How do you tell if a drunk girl remembers you?

If a drunk girl remembers you, she may exhibit signs such as recalling details of previous interactions, mentioning personal things you have discussed, or showing recognition in her behavior and conversation. However, it's important to ensure that any interactions with someone who has been drinking are respectful and consensual.

What does it mean when a guy forgets your name but then remembers it when you refuse to tell him?

he thought hard about it while you were refusing to tell him.

What do you call someone that remembers a lot?

my mom! We often say they have the memory of an elephant.

When do naked hippies dance around Stonehenge?

When someone remembers to bring the accordian.

My phone only remembers someone else's Facebook to change to mine?

Take out the sim card.

Does sakura remember syaoran?

No, even if she accidentally remembers or someone tells her the spell will immediately erase it from her memory.

What is a good job for someone who loves to remembers numbers and does it VERY well?

Accounting. Engineer. Anything with math really..

What is oedipus's reaction to hearing that Laios was killed in a place where three highways met?

He remembers that he had killed someone at the same place.

What is a folklorist?

A folklorist is someone who remembers and tells folklore. Folklore is a culture's unwritten stories, songs, poems and other literature.

What is oedipus reaction to hearing that laios was killed in a place where three highways met?

He remembers that he had killed someone at the same place.

Does anyone remember the online game The Conquest?

YES! Finally someone else remembers this game. I wish it was still around...