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how you know when someone is mad at you is when they start acting very stank towards you. if they also start ignoring you. if you see that every time you say something to you they roll their eyes or look at you in a mad way .. they are mad AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When someone lies, they usually look to their left. When recalling a memory, they look to their right. Look at the eyes;)

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Q: How can you tell if someone is lying when they're mad?
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How do you tell someone you know they are lying without making them feel mad?

You don't make anyone feel mad or any other way. We all choose how we feel. If the person is lying and you are sure they are, call them on it. It does no one any good to let it continue. If they want to get mad about being caught lying, that is their problem, not yours.

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Stop lying!

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How do you tell someone that you are mad at them without hurting them?

Talk to them firmly, but fairly.

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Apologize for what you did. If they still are mad, then they are not a good friend

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