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Flirting over the phone verbally is the same as in person - they will have suggestive comments and their tone will be noticable.

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Q: How can you tell if someone is flirting with you over the phone?
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How do you flirt over the phone?

Flirting is a harmless way to let someone know that you like them. When flirting on the phone, you will want to do things like, laugh at their jokes, even if their not funny. You can also tell them things about them that you like or suggest doing something together.

How do you let your best friend that her boyfriend is flirting with someone?

Tell them noob

How do you get someone to tell you their name over the phone without?

find a reason to ask them how they spell their name

How do you prove you are over someone over the phone?

If you are over them and not with them anymore you really have nothing to prove. If you feel for some reason you have to tell them something just simply tell them whether they believe it or not it is over and you have no underlying feelings left for them.

What is an easy way to tell if someone is flirting with you?

there can be many ways: giving you the eye or any signal at all

How can you tell a boy is flirting with you?

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

What is an accient way to show your affection for someone?

You could actually tell that someone ( which takes a lot of guts), or the old fashion way flirting.

How do you tell he's not over you?

He keep's flirting with you, he's alway's around you and he alway's tries to ask you out

How do you tell if someone is flirting with you?

You'll Know because he will smile and look away. He'll turn red around you.

How do you tell if someone you're hitting on is a lesbian too?

Trust your gay-dar. If the responses to your flirting are positive there is a high probability.

How can you know someone is flirting while talking?

you can tell by their body and face language,if their smiling touching and playing around then yes

What if you like someone but you carnt tell them?

The painfully true answer to this is-you have to tell them one way or another. Either that or get over it. Perhaps subtle hints such as flirting will ease you into it then possibly tell them one night. If you don't want to then maybe you can get a friend to leak a rumour or something so they are aware of your feelings :D