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If he spends more time with you and wants to see you more. If he has that fire in his eyes when you make love. If he tells you he loves you alot then you know he must be crazy about you you will make him soft and warm to be around and if the sex is good who cares have some fun if nothing else

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Q: How can you tell if he loves you more then hes wife?
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How can you if your boyfriend loves you?

The way he acts around you,Hes not afraid to tell his buddies about you. Hes Always with you and he Says"I Love You".Hes your friend he can tell you anything and everything.Its just EVERYTHING he does.

How can you tell if he still loves you when hes mean to you?

Shut up for a while and see what he will do about it.

Why does my boyfriend always tell me he loves me when hes drunk?

he wants inside your pants

Why does a guy tell you he loves you but then tell everyone else he dont want to be with you?

hes just shy probarley

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How can you tell when a boy loves you?

he is always smiling at you and if hes staring at you as soon as you turn around he will turn his head. If he loves you that's all he will ever talk about to his friends. If he is brave he will either tell you that he loves you or he will tell everyone except you or he will tell someone to tell you. I know because i love a girl. I told everyone and eventually someone told her. me and her are now going out.

Why is a man in a bad marriage cheats says he is in love with some one else but he keeps leaving the wife and girlfriend 4 times tell the girl friend he is so sorry he loves the girl friend so much?

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Why did he not tell his wife he did it with his acting partner?

Well maybe because he still felt something for hes wife and still loved her so he did not want to hurt her.

What do you do if a boy tells you hes loves you but you dont love him and want to dump him?

Be honest, but gentle. Tell him you're sorry, but you don't feel the same.

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