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It may be that he is very nervous and when you are talking to him, he may direct his body towards you, even touch you on the shoulder, arm. He may run into you far more often than by chance. Guys aren't that subtle, you don't have to start reading body language to figure out a guy. If you express an interest in him and he's interested back, you'll know.

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the first sign a boy / guy will give you is you may not notice it but you might see from the corner of your eye is he stares at you frequently the second sign is that he will try and make you laugh the third sign is that he will gane confidence and stand up for you wither your close by or not there at all the fourth sign is that he will either say your nickname is cute (a boy in my class blurted out that my nicname is cute :333) or he will try and close to you he could maybe start to move closer to you and try to start up a conversation with you and try and get your attention (trust me it happens ;P) or if your in class or office and the boy is sitting with a group of boys / friends and they look at you with an amused sk=mirk on their faces then that means they now something you don't know or their teasing the guy that likes you) don't worry if a boy gets close to you and walks past you and 'accidently' touches your hand this action only means he wants to hold your hand and is trying to hint to you so don't worry.

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He will most likely be smiling, and possibly touching you (not perverted haha :p) He might poke you...if he does, scoot closer...he might draw on u if ur in class...just draw on him back...he might call u a name...u should just say MEANIE or something and it will be over...what u don't wanna do is bat ur eyelashes like a sycho maniac....u wanna at least look like urself..not a barbie don't change everything about urself..cuz someone will noticed fo sho! so make sure u don't wear too much makeup either..guys don't like tht and guys arent as dumb as they seem..sometimes they flirt and u cant even tell cuz they plan it out! there not completely stupid and most definitely won't like you if u play hard to get...they will never go for someone who will never ever like them back..most likely they don't know what it means...just cuz they're not dumb doesn't mean they understand girls...cuz i have heard them say...god girls r so confusing! Being a girl...i have fo sho been flirted with and i have to say u can normally tell...just cuz i guy flirts doesn't always mean he likes u don't go all stalker status on him cuz he might think that's how ur always gonna be when really all u think about is him...sorry im off topic but mainly they will joke or poke u or touch u somehow (not perverted) and if they do flirt...don't freak just be chill...if they sexually harass u...tht is totally different..but a poke on the arm is not a reason to pull the fire alarm...just b chill about tht..and they might even flirt by being a jerk and saying ew u touched me!!...could b a joke...cud b totally serious...just wing it..were girls were made for flirting so im sure u will do just fine bc i can tell that if u need to ask this....u must b flirted with...and u must like the guy whos doing it...i know im good..what r 8th graders for? haha okk welll just have fun with it but don't lose who you are..its never ever ever EVER EVER EVER...did i say ever? oh yea its never worth it!! EVER i have never done tht and wont till im married and it makes sense :) im in 8th grade...i don't need a baby!!

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Thats Easy. If a guy is trying 2 flirt with you it obviously means he likes you.

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Q: How can you tell if a guy is trying to flirt with you?
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What does it mean if a guy tells you to act flirty?

He may be trying to flirt with you, or he may be telling you that you are trying to flirt too much.

How do you flirt without the guy knowing?

Well some guys dont know it, others can tell... Flirting can be quite noticeable if your trying to hard. When I flirt with guys i do it naturally...some people can.

How do you know if he is flirting?

In my opinion, there is no real way to tell. It has to be an instinct that you determine. For example, if the guy is smiling, possibly blushing, and not able to look you straight in the eye then he is trying to flirt with you and not scare you off. Try flirting back or start the flirt (lightly) and if the response from the guy is a flirt then keep it up : )

What does it mean when a guy is flicking your leg?

Quite simple, his trying to flirt with you.

How can you tell a guy likes you when he is a big flirt with girls?

If he's into you, he'll flirt with you in a way that he doesn't flirt with other girls. Another sign is that he'll flirt with you the most and if this guy really likes you, he'll either ask you out or be rude or kind, it depends on what kind of guy he is.

How can you tell if a guy you like likes your friend and not you?

if a guy likes ur friend he will flirt with her and not u.

How can you tell that some one likes you?

You can tell if some one likes you by if they always looking or smiling at you, or trying to flirt with you, or if they are always trying to hang out with you.

How do you tell if an emo guy likes you?

its the usual: look,stare,smile, and flirt.

What does it mean when a guy blows in your ear?

He is hitting on you - trying to turn you on.

How can you tell if someone likes your guy?

if they are hanging around him a lot and if they flirt with him a lot.