How can you stop night sweats?

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after the night sleep delivre theurine

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Q: How can you stop night sweats?
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Is it possible to have night sweats in men?

Yes, it is possible for men to have night sweats. Night sweats in men are more often causes when testosterone levels drop below a normal level, which will send false signals to the brain and cause night sweats.

Why do you get night sweats?

Night sweats may be caused by a number of things. Reactions to medications, hormonal fluctuations, and even sleeping in a room that is too hot can cause night sweats.

What exactly causes night sweats?

There are many causes of night sweats. When one is fighting an infection or a virus, the body temperature rises and can cause sweating. Women experience night sweats during the menopause. Some cancers also cause night sweats.

Why do you have lightheadedness and night sweats?

I think you get night sweats because you are eaither hot, or you are having a bad dream

Does the drug Neurontin stop hot flashes?

I had night sweats for 20 years. I was involved in a car crash that left me with nerve damage. The Dr. prescribed Neurontin and the night sweats disappeared. It took me a week before I realized that I wasn't waking up soaking wet. I still have the nerve pain in my foot but so happy that the night sweats are GONE.

What are the causes of hot flashes and night sweats?

Some causes of night sweats and hot flashes include the woman going "over-the-hill" and going through medapause where they stop having their period and are no longer able to have children due to age.

What actors and actresses appeared in Night Sweats - 2011?

The cast of Night Sweats - 2011 includes: Peter Gannon as Man

Can night sweats be idiopathic?


Are night sweats a symptom of lymphoma?

Many bad night sweats is not a sign of cancer. You can be overweight. You can also have menopause symptoms. That doesn't mean that you have lymphoma, but if you want to know what causes your night sweats; visit a local doctor.

What causes men's night sweats?

Many different things. If one is concerned about night sweats they should see their doctor and ask.

Causes of night sweats?

Night sweats can be caused from simply having the heat set too high in your house, or it can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations. Some medications, especially anti-depressants can also trigger night sweats.

Can steroids give you night sweats?

Yes, its actually very common to get night sweats from steroids. Especially British dragon steroids. JZ

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