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Honey,PULL IT AND DON'T FLEX IT.Are you happy???Good.

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Q: How can you stick your tongue out with out flexing it?
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Can crocadiles stick out there toungs?

Yes crocodiles do like to stick out their tongue.

How far can an amphibian stick their tongue?

They cannot stick their tongue because their tongue sticks to the bottom of their mouth ;)

Can a kangaroo stick out its tongue?

Kangaroos probably could stick out their tongue, but this is not something they do, as they do not need to.

What cannot stick its tongue out?

Crocodiles can not stick out their tongue or chewCrocodilegoatAligators,crocodiles and caimans.Blue whales,Sperm whales,and Sharks.bird

Can a crocodiel stick his tongue out?

No, crocodiles can't stick out their tongues.

Is there anyway to lick your ear?

Yes,you stick your tongue out than touch your ear.that's how u stick out your tongue and touch your ear

Why does a tongue stick to a popsicle?

It is cold enough to freeze your saliva on your tongue.

Do a toad stick its tongue out or a frog?

Both frogs and toads will stick their tongue out. This is done so that they may catch and eat insects.

Did crogodile can stick out its tongue?

No, they can't.

Do stick insects have a tongue?


Which animal can not stick out its tongue?


Can a crocidile stick its tonge out?

No way! A crocodile is not able to stick its tongue out.