How can you stay awake longer?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Eat an apple. An apple has 3 times the wake up power of one cup of coffee.

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Q: How can you stay awake longer?
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What does coffee do for your body?

it helps you stay awake longer

When was Stay Awake created?

Stay Awake was created in 1964.

Why can't you stop yawning?

You can't stop yawning because when you yawn your body is trying to get more oxygen into you body to try and stay awake. If you are yawning constantly your body is trying to keep you awake, the longer you stay awake, the more you will yawn.

What genre is example stay awake?

'Stay Awake' is a mixture of dance/dubstep

When was Stay Wide Awake created?

Stay Wide Awake was created in 2009.

How long can a polar bear stay still?

Polar bears can stay still up to an hourThey normally stay in their home and if they are hibbainating then of course they stay still longer. An hour is the longest they stay still awake!

How long can a vampire stay awake?

they can stay awake for a very very very very long time!!

Do hens sleep longer than roosters?

Well, the rooster may stay awake a little longer, and get up a tad earlier, but they mostly sleep the same hours.

When was Stay Awake - song - created?

Stay Awake - song - was created on 2011-08-28.

How long does a scorpion stay awake?

It would stay awake all night ( nocturnal ). Then it would stay asleep for the day.

How long can a person safely stay awake?

Well if your asking hours I can't answer that. But I've heard that you can stay awake for 11 days. But don't try it you need your sleep

What alcohol can you drink to stay awake?

Alcohol in any form should not be your choice of beverage to stay awake.