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You could always ask him what kind of phone he has. You could also ask him if he has A pencil... it always works haha

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Q: How can you start a non-awkward conversation with your crush during class?
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Why does your crush tell you their crush?

It's conversation. People like to tell things to their friends.

What does it mean if a boy smiles and waves at you a lot during class and stares at you?

It means he has a MASSIVE crush on you.

My parents are so strict I cant even be around boys or even date but I have a major crush. What do I do and how do I get my crush to like me?

It depends if he notices you back. You could walk his way to the next class and start up a conversation if you can. Perhaps your parents would allow you to join a group that includes him, if you are very young.

How do you know if your crush has a crush on you without asking his friend?

try having a conversation with him. by the way he acts you'll probably kno. good luck!! :)

What does it mean when a girl sits on your lap during class activities?

They have a crush on you and you say "I know you like me so how 'bout a date, Saturday night

How come your crush keeps staring at you during class?

either hes trying to figure u out, or he likes u

Should you text your crush that he looks really cute in a picture?

If your conversation is flirty, yes..

What to do when your crush looks and winks at you?

If your crush makes eye contact with & flirts with you, take the opportunity to approach him or her & start a conversation. You might actually find it easier since you don't have to wonder if you crush has interest!

How do you get a girl to laugh in middle school?

well, i know guys always make me laugh by being really silly in class and like burst out during class. my crush does that and its hilarious!! hope this helps My crush loves it when i make funny faces. Of course that may not work because were both crazy

How do you talk to your crush if hes your desk mate?

Start by engaging in casual conversation about class or mutual interests. Be friendly and approachable, and try to find opportunities to spend time together outside of class to deepen your connection. Don't be afraid to be yourself and let your crush get to know the real you.

How can you start a conversation with my crush?

there something you should know:hey = just saying hiheyy = flirting (what you would say to ur crush)heyyy = friend-zonedheyy x is more appropriate to say to ur crush

What do you do if your crush is your gym class?

show him you rock sports.