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A man can still SHOWER at home, he just can't completely submerge the penis or the catheter in the water. Using a soapy rag, clean the outside of the tube leading from the penis, and very lightly go around the head of the penis, down the shaft, and to the base. Rinse VERY well, being careful not to pull on the catheter tubing. That's how they taught us in Nurses aid class...

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It may seem that it is impossible to shower with a catheter, but there are a few ways that will work. The easiest way would involve purchasing a product called Shower Shield. These waterproof sheets resemble clear bandages, and they are placed over the catheter to prevent it and the area from getting wet. Alternately, a person with a catheter can apply body wash and shampoo at the sink of their bathroom before placing a large, folded towel over the catheter and stepping into the shower to rinse off.

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Q: How can you shower having catheter?
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