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Get them help.

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Q: How can you show support for a person who may be considering suicide?
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What is emotional support?

Emotional support is when you show your support to a person through your emotions.

What did Claudius do after killing his brother?

He dies shortly thereafter. But before dying, he prevents Horatio from attempting to commit suicide just to show support.

Is it proper to give a shower to an unwed teenage girl?

I did. But I don't care about propriety. If you love the person, and want to show them support, an create an opportunity for others to show support, go for it!

Who is the first Hispanic to star in his own tv show?

The first person to have their own TV Show was George Lopez. Freddie Prinze starred in "Chico and the Man" 1974-1978 when he committed suicide.

Does kc from degrassi commit suicide?

kc has no yet committed suicide on the show, and I don't believe he will.

Which character died on the show t.v. show house?

Kutner commited suicide.

What are the release dates for The Maury Povich Show - 1991 Suicide Survivors?

The Maury Povich Show - 1991 Suicide Survivors was released on: USA: 16 December 1991

Will Toby die in pll tv show?

yes, by suicide.

How can you show support?

Walk on crutches. That will show that support is really real.

Will there be a regular show movie?

Considering nobody likes Regular Show I'd say no.

How can a person give support to our president who supports same-sex marriage?

Show him your support by voting for politicians who support equality for all people, gay or straight. You can also make campaign contributions, and volunteer in your community.

What are the Symptoms of suicide?

Women attempt suicide more compared to men. the symptoms are most times a person in depression, a recent loss of a loved one, low self-esteem, many people decrease in their eating habits or change in sleeping patterns. the biggest warning sign is if a person previously attempted suicide.suicide is something you do. its not a condition. its not a sickness. its soething you do. so you cant have symptoms of suicide. there are signs that show of tht someone may COMMIT suicide, like if they are sad and depressed or if they are emo and cut themselves. then you should try to talk them out of it.