How can you see his phone bill?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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u cant, not without his permission

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Q: How can you see his phone bill?
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How do you get into your daughters phone account online to see what messages she is receiving and sending?

If the phone is registered in your name, and you'repaying the bill - get a copy of the bill. If the phone is in her name and she's paying the bill in her own right, you have no legal right to see who she's contacting unless it's by court order.

What can you see on a phone bill?

well, bob, i can see 10 numbers, an asterisk, and an ambersand

Can you see pictures on a T mobile phone bill?

No you can't see your pictures , but if you have an itemised bill it will state that you have sent a picture message but not it's contents .

How do you block the number I am calling on my cell phone bill?

Call customer service or see if there is an instruction manual for your phone.

Can you view YouTube history on a phone bill?

I think you can but only if you have a detailed bill. If not then no becasue all you see is the charges and how many texts you have sent out.

How do you know if your IPhone bill is over?

You go under settings/phone/(type of phone) Services. Then you pick which one you want to see.

When making a phone call from prison do you need a phone bill?

no...because there is a window that you can see through and when you pick up thetelephone it goes straight to the other side

How do you see wife phone bill?

In order to see the cell phone bill you must ask for a itemized statement and then beat her to the mail box each month to scan the bill. Or you can check with the cell phone company to see if they have a online service where you can look at your bill and pay your bill online. A phone service such as AT&T has a service such as this and it does show all the calls, and how many text messages are going in and out. You can't read the texts tho. And if you need copies of any bills you can print them out or if they are older ones you can pay a fee around 5 dollars per bill to get those. Most of the time the bills for the year are up to see. Hope this helps. And if you need to find out about a number there are many online services such as Intellius that are good at getting the name of the person the cell number is in,but that doesn't always mean the person who is using it is the person who pays the bill.

Can a facebook inbox message be read on your cell phone bill?

not on your phone bill.

Can I file your cell phone bill on bankruptcy?

No, you cannot file my cell phone bill in a bankruptcy. However, you can file YOUR cell phone bill in a bankruptcy.

What is the average phone bill for one bedroom apartment?

The size of the appartment has nothing to do with the phone bill, the use made of the phone is what governs the size of the bill.

Can you see what you went on on the internet on the phone bill?

my cellphone was backbery, but now ihave a verizon phone, and my plan is cricket. and now the verizon enternet is not work i cant understand why.