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A socially healthy person usually has confidence in himself. He interacts well with others with confidence. He does not encounter anxiety or panic attacks when placed or if with a large group of people.

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Technically a mentally health person is a person who is able to function on a high level. For example, is able to look after themselves on a day-to-day basis.

However, mentally healthy people can still get mental diseases such as depression, where they can function well.

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Q: How can you say that a person is physically mentally emotionally and socially healthy?
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Are animals always sane?

If they are healthy emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually and socially, yes.

Needs to be emotionally mentally and socially healthy?

You need to be emotionally, mentally and socially healthy. It is because it keeps you stable in society.

How can be a person called healthy?

a person is called healthy if he/she is mentally,emotionally and physically fit.

Is it important to be mentally healthy or physically healthy?

Mentally and physically.

Is having intimacy healthy?

Yes, it can be physically, emotionally and mentally benificial when both people behave well.

Why is it a good investment for the US to keep citizens healthy?

They are good role models to the younger generation about being healthy mentally, physically,spiritually,and emotionally.

What is Therapeutic Sport?

Any sport can be therapeutic as long as it promotes a healthy outlook and takes away from the pain that an individual may be having mentally, physically or emotionally.

Describe a mentally and physically healthy individual?

it's the same question but mentally stimulated & physically fit is my description

Are the Duggar children healthy mentally and physically?

Yes! They are.

Define total person's.?

A person who are prepared to face the challenges in life .Because he/she has the values,discipline,knowledge,preparedness,mentally,emotionally and physically healthy person. by; Dennis LU.

What is a good way for a person to be healthy?

Being healthy does not only mean physically healthy, but emotionally and mentally also. Sufficient sleep, a well balanced nutrional diet and regular exercise all contribute to the over-all well-being.

What is nursing arts?

It is the act of taking care to a person-healthy or sick- physically and emotionally.