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After doing an extensive search I have found (but not yet used) the following remedies:

1. Chamomile and Dandelion - Pills or Tea act as a natural diuretic to get rid of excess fluids you may be retaining.

2. Over the counter pain relievers.

3. Warm Bath.

4. Gamolenic acid provided by Evening primrose oil. Pills: 3-4 twice daily.

5. Tincture of black cohosh (10-20 drops), vitex (20-40 drops) and liferoot (5-10 drops) twice a day for 2 weeks preceding menstruation. Also, chewing on a dong quai root for two weeks preceding menstruation may help.

6. St. John's Wort oil: For most people, topical application penetrates nerve endings and relieves pain.

7. More vitamin B6, magnesium and vitamin E.

8. Rosemary, juniper and cypress essential oils also have natural diuretic properties. Add a few drops to your bath, or up to six drops of a single oil, or a combination, to a tablespoon of grapeseed or sweet almond oil and gently massage it into your breasts, using sweeping, circular motions.

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Q: How can you relieve sore breasts at time of the month?
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Can you please tell me if having nausea migraines sore and growing breasts is normal during that time of the month?


I am a young girl breasts hurt why?

if you have entered puberty, your breasts will usually be sore from time to time

Why are your breasts not sore?

they do get sore when it is time for the females PMS they get so sore that any touch to them hurts the female

If you had your period regardless of it being late or on time negative pregnancy test but having sore breasts what could that mean?

If your pregnancy test was negative, you got your period and your breasts are sore it could just mean that they're growing. Breasts can also be sore or tender during your period.

How soon after conception will your breasts begin to get sore?

most women get sore breast at 3 weeks and most get it 5 weeks but you have to wait until you missed your period cuz it can also be pms symptoms.... Not all women get sore breasts. First time around mine were so sore I didn't even want to cuddle, second time....nothing.

Do sore breasts on day 17 mean I'm pregnant?

Could be--sore breasts are a common early sign of pregnancy, although you could just be sensitive to PMS this month. Seventeen days after intercourse might be enough time to give you correct results on a pregnancy test. Take one now, and take another in a week (or whenever you're supposed to start your period), and/or meet with your doctor for accurate testing.

When a woman's breasts leak does it mean she is pregnant?

No. One of the most common reasons that breasts leak is because the woman just had a baby. If the breasts are not expressed regularly while a woman is lactating, they will get sore and they will leak. If the breasts leak at any other time, it could be a medical symptom.

Does everyone experience sore or tender breasts when they become pregnant?

Not everyone experiences the same things during pregnancy although sore tender breasts is one of the very common ones that almost every woman does experience so if your not experiencing this yet be grateful if you are dont feel like your the only one hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless! In my first pregnancy I had very sore and tender breasts but second time around I didn't have anything.

When you are pregnant and have your period is it accompanied by pms symptoms like bloating and sore breasts?

what i mean is, have those symptoms before and during period, but not all the time.

What is the quickest way to get rid of a soor throat?

Cepacol has cough drops specifically for sore throats. They completely numb your throat. This will not get rid of your sore throat but will relieve it for some time. You can always gargle with sea salt and water as well. HTH.

Well you missed your period around the time you were supposed to get it you took a test and it was negative but that was only a week and a half after implantation your breasts an nipples are sore?

What are you asking exactly?

Can breasts become sore from pregnancy if only a day late - very faint positive pregnancy test?

Yes, if you are pregnant this is an early pregnancy symptom. Your breasts are preparing to lactate and they will be sore from time to time during pregnancy. You should re take your pregnancy test in a couple of days or make and appointment with your doctor and they can do a blood test which is more accurate. Also keep in mind, faint positives are rare and most likely means you are pregnant. Make sure you are following the instructions on the box that your test came in. Sore breasts can also indicate that your period is coming because that is also a sign of menstruation.