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go to the doctor. prescribe and buy orthodics

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Q: How can you re-raise your fallen arches?
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What part of the body does fallen arches have to do with?

Fallen arches refers to your feet. Normally your foot has an arch to it but if you have a fallen arch that means the ligaments have become lax and your foot becomes flatter.

What kind of shoes are best for someone with fallen arches"?

The best shoes are ones specifically made for fallen arches, such as Men's Propet Stability Walker shoes.

What is the fallen arches mean referring to the pelvis?

Weakened arches in the feet, usually causing flat foot.

What are fallen arches in A and P?

Fallen arches are also called flat feet. The arches don't develop in some or "fall" at a later time. About 25% of the population have this condition. Going barefoot helps. Running on sandy beaches are a good idea.

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What are some good running shoes for fallen arches?

The best running shoes for fallen arches can be purchased at the following

Am a 13 yr old boy how do you know if you have fallen arches?

You would know if you have fallen arches if your feet ache pretty consistently and you notice that they're getting flatter. But only a doctor can diagnose this.

What does 'fallen arches' mean?

tendons of the foot muscles help hod the bones firmly in the arched position but still allow a certain amount of give or springiness. Weak arches are referred to as "fallen arches" or "flat feet"

Why do you walk on the inside of your feet?

Perhaps you have flat feet, fallen arches.

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Are there any kids' shoes to correct a fallen arch?

There are shoes to correct fallen arches - your best bet is to see a foot doctor.

What problems can fallen arches have on your feet?

your feet can hurt more since your feet don't have their natural protection