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Well i dont excatly what your're trying to say but i have something to say about relationships i would like to say something to the girl and guys both ok well before going out with someone judge their personalities not only looks

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Q: How can you prove to someone without seeing them that you can change your paranoia towards cheating?
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Is liking someone without messing with them cheating?

Not at all.

Is flirting with another person that is not your man cheating?

Yes, it can be seen as cheating. Since it can be seen as a form of taking advantage of someone's trust to fulfill your desires of affection with someone who isn't your partner, it can be seen as cheating on them, even without physical contact.

How do you catch shiny Mew in pearl without cheating?

You cannot, unless you trade with someone who cheated.

Can you get another master ball without cheating?

Yes. You can trade with someone that has a Pokemon holding a master ball.

How do you catch Celebi in Pokemon Platinum without cheating?

trade it from someone who did cheat that way you didn't cheat

How do you get arcues without cheating?

You cannot obtain Arceus without hacking or cheating.

How do you cheat when exam?

Whatever you can get without cheating is a lot compared to the consequence of being caught cheating (zero and further disciplinary action). Plus I can tell you as having invigilator's experience, it is very easy to spot someone cheating.

How do you get Groudon without a Game Boy game or action replay?

The only way to get a Groudon without cheating or migrating is to trade with someone else who has one.

How do you get acreus without cheating?

The arceus event is already over, so now you can not get him without cheating.

Where to find Lugia and Ho-oh without cheating in Pokemon Emerald?

Without cheating? You don't.

Do you think they will give me money with out cheating?

Yes, I think they will give me money without cheating. Because without cheating i can be a loyal person to others

When you think someone is cute and you have a boyfriend is that cheating on your boyfriend?

No it is not cheating on your bf. As long as nothing physical happens your not cheating.Talk with your boyfriend about how much you're allowed to do with other guys without cheating him. Everyone has different ideas of what cheating is and what matters is that you two find a common ground and agree not to break that.