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There really isn't a good place without getting caught. But you can try meeting that person outside during passing time. Or during lunch sit outside in a private spot. If your school allows you to.

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You shouldn't.

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Q: How can you makeout without getting caught in school?
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How do you text in school without getting caught?

Put your jacket on your lap and text in the hood of the jacket

How do you skip school without getting caught?

I like that nobody can answer that... Like the question that can never be answered.

How do you And your boyfriend do anything at school without getting caught?

Realy you cant do anything because of the crazy teachers today.

Were is the best place to makeout with a girl im 13 and every were else you have gotten caught?

let me tell you from the pro's point of veiw young one. Anywhere is a good place to makeout with girls. at the park, at the movies, just not at school or the girls house, their dad's tend to get mad

What are risks of cocaine if used at school?

getting caught....

How do I get out of doing my homework without getting a detention?

there is no way of getting out of doing your homework without gettinga detention. I'm in 8th grade and out of my 10 yrs in the school someone always got do your homework

Is it wrong to makeout in school?

It depends. Just do it when no one is there.

How can I ask him a question when he's in school all the time need to tell him a funny joke too?

Pass a note without getting caught.

How do you make out in school without getting caught or anyone knowing?

You don't do it. Most schools have cameras in the halls today and there will be film of you doing this. If you must wait until after school or at home.

Where can I kiss my girlfriend in school without getting caught. I'm 13?

There is nowhere you can these days. CCTV will catch you out even if you think nobody is watching as most Schools have it for security reasons.

Is it legal to download music off of any internet source without paying?

it is illegal. However, the chance of you getting caught is very, low cause they will spend a lot of money trying to catch you. U r only going to be caught if u r a rich person and if you are downloading on your school's/company's network then your school/company is going to get screwed. not you

How do you swear at school without being caught?

Sing a song with a swear in it. The teacher will tell you of for singing but not for swearing!