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id say yes but no. matters on doseage. try like .5 gram the first time and try to have a friend with you. but if you cant have a friend, be in calm environment and have some good tunes ( pink Floyd ECT. mellow stuff). good luck tripping. (if that's what you are planing on doing)

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By ingesting the shrooms.

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Q: How can you make yourself trip on shrooms?
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Do shrooms show up as alcohol in a drug test?

No, it wont show up cus shrooms just give you food poisoning to make you trip

What is trip a group of?

LSD and Shrooms

My friend and i want to trip on shrooms but she's pregnant will it effect the baby negatively?

NEVER EVER TRIP WHEN PREGNANT! it can cause vaginal contractions that will start a premature birth.

What is the best type of shrooms?

It depends on your own personal experiences. There are several factors which determine a trip: Set, Setting, Substance and Dosage.

How can one make a Shroomery in their gardens?

Growing shrooms is easy! You just need to make a dark damp area in your garden. The easiest thing to do is simply get an opaque Tupperware container and use that as a "dome" for your shrooms. You'll also need a PF spore syringe from a shop as well as some starter shrooms.

You're going to South America on short notice a place you're not familiar with What can you do to learn from and adapt to the situation?

Ask questions, make the most of your trip and put yourself in other people's shoes.

What takes shrooms out of your system?

Depending on potency and dosage it can range from 4 to 12 hour's although it can feel like much longer if you get yourself into a bad trip. It is always recommended to do it with people you feel comfortable with and somewhere you can stay and feel safe. It will help give you a better trip and help keep away those bad vibes that can send you tumbling out of control.

Does Xanax make your brain bleed?

No it does not according to medical research. But shrooms can make your brain bleed if you do it alot

Do shrooms show on a nine panel drug test?

No, but shrooms can be tested for in an extended drug test.

How can you entertain yourself on a 4 hour trip?

You can entertain yourself on a 4 hour trip by reading. You could read a novel or magazine.

Can marijuana help you fall asleep while your on shrooms?

maybe,maybe not! depends on how many shrooms u took nd wut kind of weed ur smoking nd how yea it all depends..but i doubt it tho! it well prob trip u out more! lol

How do you measure shrums?

The bad thing about shrooms is, it is really hard if not immposible to measure potency. You never really know how strong the smallest or most gigantic shroom will be. The good thing is, u can't overdose on them, you might just have a REALLY long and bad trip if you take too much. I would start off with about 5-8 average size shrooms. You will definatly have a nice trip. It just takes practice and experience ...