How can you make your girlfriend husband leave her?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What goes around comes around. In short, you don't. Stay out of it.

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Q: How can you make your girlfriend husband leave her?
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Your girlfriend hides you from her ex husband?

you leave the state

What to do if your best friend loves you and you love him but you married and he has a girlfriend but your husband cheated on you and his girlfriend cheated on him and that brought you closer to him?

Yooh leave yoohr husband and he leave his gf cause they both cheated on yall!!!!!!!

Your girlfriend loves you but wont leave her husband why?

Because you shouldn't be dating a married woman.

What to do when my husband's long time girlfriend will not leave him alone?

The best thing to do is back out of the situation and let your husband handle it. Tell him you have issues with the former girlfriend, and why. The worst thing you can do is sit and sulk in silence, but you deal with your husband, not the other woman.

Should you leave your husband for the man you've fallen in love with?

no! what is your husband doing to make you want to leave!

Do you have to leave your child with her fathers girlfriend if he has plans during his visitation time?

If your husband's girlfriend is mature and responsible and your children like her then there is no reason the children can't be left with her. If you don't feel she is responsible to look after them or the children don't like her then have your husband return the children to you if he has to leave their residence.

Can your husband be your girlfriend?

My husband can not be my girlfriend. Because I can not do sex with him in return.

How can make your girlfriend never leave you?

you hog-tie her.

How do I get my girlfriends ex-boyfriend and ex-husband to let go and move on?

You can't but it will be the job of your girlfriend. She's the only one that can tell them to leave the two of you alone. If you did it alone without her knowledge the ex boyfriend and ex husband will make sure to make you miserable. But it sounds like your girlfriend doesn't want to deal with them both, so maybe you can try to ignore them both...

Both husband and wife are on deed as joint owners. Can husband make a deed to a girlfriend without the wife knowing?


How do you make sure your girlfriend doesn't leave you for another man?

you cant make sure - if your girlfriend feels that you are too suspicious, jealous or controlling, it might cause her to leave you in the first place.

Can a ex wife make her ex husband's new girlfriend pay child support?