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The redness in the whites of the eyes is caused by an infection. This infection could have been transmitted to the eye through air, water or anything else that comes into contact with the eye. Generally redness in the whites of the eyes indicates that the person has contracted 'conjunctivitis'. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye which causes redness and swelling to the normal areas of the eye because of an eye infection. A person with redness in their eyes should see a doctor so that the conjunctivitis can be treated and not spread to all parts of the eye. Rendness of the eye may also be caused my irritation. A foreign body in the eye or an allergy. If you think they're may be a something in your eye- don't poke around to remove it- see your Optometrist or Doctor. If you get soap or shampoo in your eye, rinse the eye with cool clean water. If irritation continues- see an Optometrist or Doctor. Lastly- irritation can be cuased by contact lenses. If they are the wrong type or size lenses or you are using incorrect solutions the eye may become red and sore. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use contact lenses responsibly. Always follow the advice given by your Optometrist.

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The sun because they are freckles that the sun gives you.

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easy stuff chilliess in them

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blood vessel busted

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Q: How can you make the whites of your eyes turn red?
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