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Like what kind of Like.. LIKE like...... Or friend like?

Friend Like....... Just have them hang out and have the nine year old boy NOT being annoying.

LIKE like....... I'm not sure that's possible/Normal.

also, give him candy!!

then suck his penis like no tomorrow

o_O Or....

You can also show your affection to the girl, by giving her chocolate. But not to break your spirit...the 13 year old girl could think of you as a little brother if your friends with her or something.

Good luck though!

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kiss her and give her flowers and say will u be my girlfriend

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Q: How can you make a 13 year old girl like a 9 year old boy?
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you cant relly make two people like each other...but if one likes a boy the only thing u can do is hope for the best and ask the boy or the girl you like out <3

How do you make a boy not like the girl you like?

Type your answer here..make another cute girl like him then make the girl say i like you

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Well a lot of the time a young girl will like a older boy you just have to show her you are worth liking. Make her laugh, flirt a little and maybe then you can ask her out on a date. But remember you cant make someone like you. Hope I helped.

Can a 7 year old girl love a boy?

A 7 year old girl can like a boy. Love would be unlikely at that age.

How do you get a 13 year old boy to like a 13 year old girl?

Find a common interest and make them get to know each other.

What does a 14 year old girl need to get a 16 year old boy interested in her?

Be nice to him, make conversation, and maybe he may get to like you.

How can a girl make a boy like her?

Be easy.

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make the boy you like notes you and make yourself stick in his head so he is always thinking of you and than he will find himself liking you

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Make yourself look older...look attractive...ask her to a simple b-day know?Have a girl-boy nice,and most of all act matture.

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Just be nice and try and talk to her about anything that interests her. You cannot make a girl like you if she doesn't, but if she is free and single and on the lookout for a boy then you may be in luck. You will probably have more luck when you are older though.

How to make a ten year old girl like a ten year old boy?

There is no possible way to "make" any one person like any other person - or not - and thank heaven for that.