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The heart wants what the heart wants. No matter what you do, you can't make another person reciprocate love. You can however push so hard that you drive the other person away.

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Q: How can you love someone so much but they hate you?
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I hate you because i love you?

Someone might hate you because of how must they love you so dont be dumb and ignore them or it.

Can someone fell in love with their enemy?

Yes, after all Romeo fell in love with Juliet. Love does not care for hate, and love is 100 million times stronger than hate too. If you hate someone for any reason, there is more than likely to be a reason to love them as well. I say fall in love with an enemy, because its so much more fun and nicer to be in love than in hate.

How can you let go of someone you love so much but they already moved on?

you will always have him in your mind but you if you dont like it start thinking badly about him so that you love him but you hate him more.

Can you have a romantic love-hate relationship with someone meaning you're in love with the person you're dating but hate them at the same time?

oh god i have the same thing too. i love him and yet i hate him .its ok. you guys are prob meant to be together. or you guys might break up . who knows. 1) listen to your heart 2) listen to your mind and you'll be fine

Does i love me?

Well tahts up to you. You can love yourself adn you can hate. So its pretty much up to you. Well tahts up to you. You can love yourself adn you can hate. So its pretty much up to you. Well tahts up to you. You can love yourself adn you can hate. So its pretty much up to you.

How do you love someone you hate?

you either love them or you don't. so you determine which it is first and stop contradicting yourself by pretending to be one or the other about someone.

So much hate so the ones we love means?

Love and hate trigger the same emotions...they are extreme and sometimes the people we love the most, end up being the people we hate the most. If you didn't love them, then you wouldn't hate them because you wouldn't even care...

What is the best thing to do when you hate someone so much?


Who likes Phineas and Ferb?

ME!! i love it absoloutely :)) I really HATE it so much.

If you still hate someone that broke your heart does that mean you still may have romantic feelings or that you may have never got over it?

Definately. To hate someone there has to be a higher feeling such as love there to support the hate. Even more so if this person you hate had broken your hear.

How can you hate someone yet love them so dearly?

This is possible. i have the same problem. i hate him for many reason such as him talking to other girls and flirting with them. He loves all the attention he can get from girls. He can be very moody and stuck up. But at times he can be so nice he can just write essays showing how much he loves you. He can be very supportive. Those are reasons you love and hate him. To be honest from personal experience the best option is to leave the man. You dont want to be with a man like this. He will just break your heart, fix it and break it again. It just isn't worth it. Move on is what i say.

If my love is waiting and i cant be there but i do love him but i hate him but we and so much fun even though he hit me but what am i going to do?

You love him and hate him? Just be your self tell him how you feel. Ask him if he is ok when you are around. Be kind and love him if he loves you.