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To look after your teeth you have to brush your teeth 2 times a day.You can also drink lots of Water.If you want to eat anything sweet like Haribo' try and have chocolate instead because it don't stick to your teeth and will need to have a filling.

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Q: How can you look after your teeth?
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What do teeth look like if you need braces?

Teeth will look uneven and there will be gaps.

What do the margay's teeth look like?

Their teeth are sharp.

How do you loose all your baby teeth?

Look after your teeth with no pulling or tugging or you will need braces. And brush you teeth with Colgate big teeth because this will make them look the best in the future.

What do seal's teeth look like?

Seal teeth look very similar to dog teeth in that they are sharp and curved. You can see pictures of seal teeth online at National Geographic.

How do you look after your teeth?

Brush your teeth three times a day.

How teeth of crow look like?

crows dont have teeth.

How does a parakeet teeth look like?

Parakeets do not have teeth, they have a beak and a tongue.

How do you check your hamsters teeth?

You eat the hamster. Then you yawn. Then you look at the teeth.

What will happen to your teeth if you do not brush your teeth regularly and why?

what does a dingo look like.

Are meat eating animals need different teeth form vegetarian animal?

Yes, carnivores have teeth that tear while herbivores have crushing teeth. If you look at a dog's or cat's teeth, that is what meat eating animals teeth look like. A horse or cow have teeth that crush and their teeth show that. Our teeth are both so we are called omnivores.

How do the front teeth and back teeth look different?

Obviously, they look very different, considering the fact that the front teeth are used for biting, while the back teeth are used for tearing and chewing food. The front teeth are thinner and 'taller' while the back teeth are blunt and wide

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