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Check your local laws.

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Q: How can you legally carry prescription drugs without the original container?
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Is it illegal to carry risperdal (prescription atypical antipsychotic) outside its original container without written prescription in hand?

Yes. To legally possess your own drugs you must possess the drug in its original container. Otherwise you will have no proof that you are in lawful possession of it. However, if you have the misfortune to be arrested in this situation an affirmative defense is available if you can show a valid prescription.

Can prescription drugs be ordered on-line without a prescription?

* Not legally.

Where do you get prescription medications without prescription from doctor?

Legally, you don't.

Can you buy Oxycontin without a prescription?

Not legally

How do you get suboxone without a prescription online?

You can not do this legally.

Can you buy hydrocodone without a prescription legally?

In a word, No.

Can you get lithium tablets without a prescription?

Not legally in the USA.

Can you legally buy suboxone online with out a prescription?

No, you can not legally buy suboxone without a prescription. Even when purchased online, you will need to have a prescription from a doctor to obtain the drug.

Can you order prescription drugs on line without a prescription?

No, not legally. Depending on your purchase, this could be a felony, and very traceable.

Can you order adderal online without a prescription?

No, not legally. You must consult with your doctor and obtain a prescription if this drug is needed.

Seroquel without a prescription?

Not legally. But they prescribe it for just about everything, and its not terribly expensive.

Can you carry prescription drugs in a seven day container?

If you are traveling you can PROBABLY get away with it, but if you are the lucky one who gets searched, you could get in trouble for not having original prescription labels available. I have done it before, because I take a lot of medicine and vitamins, and I have never had an issue, but they could confiscate it. And if you are traveling out of the US, then WITHOUT QUESTION you need the original prescription bottles.

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