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eat healthier and do a lot of exercise you could even go to weight watcher's. eat fatty food's and have you're 5 a day

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Q: How can you lead a healthy life?
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How do you influence the public to live a healthy lifestyle?

Perform some public activities showcasing how to lead a healthy life... And lead by an exemplary life so others will follow you...

How you can lead a clean and healty life?

You can lead a healthy life, by eating well, taking care of your everyday basic needs, not getting stressed, etc. You cannot lead a completely clean life. If you lead a clean life then you are not living in a healthy way. 100% clean will give you a bad immune system and you will be more prone to sickness.

What kind of nutrition do I need to be as healthy as possible?

You should invest in a multivitamin along with a good eating habits will lead you to a healthy life. you should exercise daily and try to avoid smoking and being lazy and you are sure to lead a healthy life

How can following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans help you lead a long healthy life?

fallowing,The Dietary Guidelines of Americans lead you to a longer period of life. Eating healthy and staying active maintains you on your appropriate weight and it helps you stay healthy.

What means to lead a healthy life?

To lead a healthy life to most people means to eat right, exercise daily and have an inner peace. There are many people that would also include an emotional health as well.

What food are treated as healthy food?

Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to lead a healthy life.

Why is it important to have an active lifestyle?

Because it will lead to a healthy hart and a longer happy life

How do you lead a healthy life?

dont smoke, drink loads or take drugs eat healthy do exercise and have a laugh (thats what i think anyway)

How do you say healthy life in french?

The way to phrase healthy life in French is--- Vie saine. You lead an healthy life, tu menes une vie saine. Or in a more formal way... Vous menez une vie saine. Une vie en santé (life in health)

Why are Muslims healthy?

They eat Halal food and refrain from unlawful and unhygienic foods and unlawful activities. Most of them lead a simple life.

Do heathier foods lead to a healthier life?

Well, it depends what kinda food u eat. Not always healthy food win.

Is yawning healthy?

No it is provin to brake the jaw bone, this can lead to internal bleeding which will kill u and f**k up your life